Allen Says Announces Blog With Unique Twist

Trust Allen Says to come up with a unique twist on a common idea. This will get him huge link popularity and make money for the linkers.

Here is what he did–

Allen Says of the Warrior Fame, created a blog at OK, what’s the big deal? Almost everyone and his mum are creating a blog nowadays.

Here’s the twist. When a prospect visits this blog through your link, almost all the links in the blog turn to your affiliate links. So if the prospect gets interested in a particular product that Allen has reviewed and buys that during the same visit or sometime later, you get an affiliate commission. Now that’s cool, no?

How can you get a piece of that action? It’s easy! You can visit Allen’s and sign-up to get your own referral URL. Just link to this from your website or blog and you are done. Now sit back and watch your affiliate income grow from a trickle to a steady flow.

I also noticed that he is using the same blogging software, WordPress, that I use. Good decision. WordPress is highly customizable and you can really create cool blogs with this. If you do not want to spend much time setting up your blog and customizing it, but just want to start blogging, you can Rent A Blogger to setup your blog. Quick and cheap!

Go ahead! Signup before it’s too late!

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