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  • The Secret to Happiness: It's a Choice
    Happiness is a choice. Although that is true, it sure does not feel that way all the time. My dad is the happiest person I know.

  • I Had A Fear Of Being Seen
    When I was growing up there was generally one person who did all the talking when we were around others - my mother. And, as time went by this would include my sister, which meant that my father and I didn't get the chance to say much.

  • Loving Yourself By Forgiving Yourself and Others
    Have you struggled with forgiving yourself or others? Discover how to reach forgiveness and the joy and freedom it can bring.

  • 6 Power Questions to Ask to Figure Out Your Strengths
    Ever wondered how to make the most of your skill set and match a job out there? You simply need to find your strengths. How would you do that? Ask a few power questions. Look inside to find out.

  • What Are You Willing to Let Go Of?
    Share and enjoy! This week mother nature has been intense with over 6 significant fires breaking out in Southern California, spanning across four different counties. San Diego county being one of them. We have been safe with being about 30 miles away from the fire, but have to admit it was scary when first hearing about it.

  • My Life Had No Meaning
    I remember lying in bed as a child feeling overwhelmed by my emotions and wanting my life to end. This wasn't a one-off, though; as this was something I went through on numerous occasions.

  • Answering a Coach's Question About Excuses Vs Reasons
    Excuses stop action, but a reason calls for redoubled efforts to find one or more creative solutions. Read on to learn more.

  • You Need To Be Able To Handle Your Own Emotions
    Through reading books on self-development, taking courses and changing what was taking place in my mind, amongst other things, I started to settle down mentally and emotionally. This was something that often stood out when I was out socialising, as I generally felt as though I was in control of myself and that I could express myself however I wanted to.

  • How to Prepare for a Past Life Regression
    Are past lives real or simply imagined? Read about several theories of what past lives may be... only one theory involves reincarnation. Learn how to prepare yourself for undergoing a past life regression session to benefit the most from your experience to support your healing and transformation in your present life.

  • I Couldn't Get In Touch With My Emotions
    Towards the end of 2009 I did a Reference Point Therapy course in London, and the purpose of this course was to heal trauma. In the beginning, the person who was leading the course, Simon Rose, spoke about boundaries, the effect that our time in the womb can have on us and a number of other things.

  • Critical Thinking: Why Do Some Men Say That All Men Are Bad?
    If someone hasn't been living under a rock for a number of months, they are likely to be only too aware of what has been taking place in Hollywood. After a producer was accused of harassment and rape, a number of other men were accused of the same thing.

  • I Kept Having Nightmares
    During the beginning of my life, I remember having two reoccurring dreams. In one of the dreams, I would be at the top of a flight of stairs and shortly after, I would fall down the stairs.

  • The Truth About the 'Performance' You
    Nobody ought to be stereotyped that they're 'this' type of person or 'that' type of person. We're all capable of a range of different behaviours and responses. It's the environment and our own sense of well-being or ill-being in that environment that counts.

  • The Power of the Present Moment
    Do you find yourself living in the past or future? How about relishing the present moment? There is power in it. In what ways? Can you relate? Look inside to find out.

  • True-Self: Why Do Some People Find It Hard To Assert Themselves?
    As far as some people are concerned, the purpose of life is to be happy; whereas for others, it is to live a meaningful life. When it comes to the former, it is going to be all about feeling good.

  • Relationships: Do Some Men's Childhoods Set Them Up To Please Women?
    On the one hand, there are men who do what they can to fulfil their own needs and, on the other, there are men who do what they can to please others. What this can bring to mind is someone who doesn't give a damn about others, or someone who cares too much about others.

  • The Annoying Chipmunk Fable
    A story about an annoying chipmunk who learned he has to be serious some of the time. Andrew, the chipmunk, could be very annoying. He asked silly questions, played pranks on his friends, and bothered them while they worked. Will he be able to change?

  • Will You Stop and Say Hi?
    If you're rushing around from task-to-task, situation-to-situation, you're missing it. You're missing the opportunity to connect with other people and move both of your lives forward. You're missing the miracles right there for you. It's going to present itself in a way to connect and expand positive, loving energy, which just doesn't come with rushing around and being in a stressed out overwhelmed energy.

  • Stop Judging & Scroll Past!
    Stop judging people on Facebook and if you don't like what you see, scroll past! Let people be who they are and express themselves the way they choose. If their post doesn't speak to you, it wasn't meant for you.

  • My Mother Lacked Empathy
    It was not uncommon for my mother to act in a destructive way when I was younger, but that doesn't mean that she spent a lot of time apologising. Shortly after she had done something, she would generally act as though nothing had happened.

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