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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is RSS?
A. RSS is a format for regular delivery of changing the content of a website. Mainly the news related sites, web-logs and other online publishing sites use this standard format for publishing frequently updated information or content such as: blog entries, news headlines, audio and video etc.

Q. Can RSS help me improve my website traffic?
A. The visitors who are interested in a particular site or blog, can easily subscribe to the RSS feeds. It will help them to receive regular notifications and information about website updates.

It will make you able to keep in touch with previous visitors and thus will provide repeat visitors for your site.

Q. Do Word Press sites use RSS?
A. Word Press a feature to publish RSS feeds for your content automatically.

Q. How can other sites use RSS technology?
A. If your website does not have a native RSS feed, you can create one manually by following the guide above. This will help more people discover your website and the different pages.

Q. How to publicize my site using RSS?
A. RSS feeds provide the opportunity of others linking to your content with a mention of your site. It will spread your image around by word of mouth. As the content is distributed amongst your subscriber there is a great possibility that your content will go viral. It also aids in your rankings with search engines.

Q. How can I read the RSS feed published by different sites?
A. If your browser already has the built-in support to track and read RSS you have to just click on the link to the RSS feed for subscribing it. You can also download specialized feeding software. Your another alternative is to use a RSS feed creator or editor for creating your own RSS site feeds.


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