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Inuit & Native Art Bulletin
Interesting coverage of Eskimo Inuit art and Native American Indian art as well as news from aboriginal art producing communities. This blog has both RSS and Atom feeds for your convenience.
  • New Rent To Own Blog Under Free Spirit Umbrella
    The Free Spirit Gallery umbrella keeps growing as different blogs and websites are launched.  Although many of these expansions are unrelated to Native art, they are still technically under the same company.  So for what it's worth, a new Canadian Rent To Own Homes website/blog has just been launched. The previous new website and blog launched prior to this one under the Free Spirit Gallery

  • (no title)
    New 2012 Inuit art calendars are out.  By the way, I just saw new 2012 dog calendars out.  Many are by different dog breeds so if you are into Arctic dogs (or any breeds for that matter), I'm sure that you will find something there.  Worth a look.

  • Canadian Motivational Speaker Is Big Supporter Of Native Art
    Canadian Motivational Speaker And Native ArtCanadian motivational speaker and karate world champion Clint Cora is a huge supporter of native art as he not only collects this genre but proudly displays parts of his collection in the background of many of this Motivational WebTV video series each week. In one particular diversity and art related episode, Clint shows you many of his choice pieces

  • Free Dog Training Video Available
    Free Dog Training VideoUnder the Free Spirit Gallery umbrella, we launched a new website for dog lovers and our main free attraction is a very informative and educational free dog training video by Clint Cora. It show new puppy owners as well as current dog owners what the basic minimum standards should be for obedience training. Clint demonstrates these skills with his own Lhasa Apso dogs

  • Cultural Diversity Training Through Native Art
    Cultural Diversity TrainingIn this episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV, yours truly as a diversity Canadian motivational speaker, talks about how one can increase exposure to cultural diversity training through art. This is one of the ways that I had originally been turned onto the world of diversity and made me want to explore other cultures around me.I got interested in some beautiful

  • Native Art Of Dogs Would Be Nice
    I don't usually see any native art of dogs anywhere for some reason. I wish some artists would do native art versions of my lhasa apso dogs. Wouldn't that be something?My friend was also talking about some stray dogs up in Sioux Lookout where she has a contract. Surely they can draw them. I went there years ago when I had a pharmaceutical sales job covering the medical office up there.Of

  • How To Review Web Hosting Services
    I'm primarily known as a Toronto motivational speaker, author, art gallery owner and Karate World Champion. I depend on my websites to promote my work out there. Although I'm not a computer techie, I can get around well enough to create my own websites and I'm run several successfully for a number of years. Therefore, I sometimes get questions about websites. So in the spirit of sharing

  • New Inuit Art And Native American Art Blog
    This will be the final post here at the Inuit & Native Art Bulletin blog. But don't worry, we are not going away. We are just continuing our blog presence at our new Free Spirit Gallery Blog which will use the WordPress platform.All of our blog posts from now on will be over there. Not only that, we will be sharing wonderful images of both Inuit and Northwest Native artwork over there on a

  • Northwest Native Indian Art Eagle Salmon Video
    Here is a wonderful piece that we commissioned Northwest Native Indian art master carver Cody Mathias to produce for a client. It is an eagle with a salmon and measures 26 by 16 inches. Such custom pieces are indeed available through Free Spirit Gallery as special projects. Just contact us if interested in one.

  • Mississauga Carassauga Cultural Festival Video Highlights
    I went to the big cultural festival Carassauga back in May which is put on each year in my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. It is a huge three day event with pavilions showcasing cultures from over 60 different countries. This is representative of just how diverse Mississauga has become over the years.There was even a pavilion for Canada which included some content featuring Native Canadian

  • Daily Photos Of Native American Indian Art At Facebook
    #nativeamerican #art #inuit #eskimo #native #indianSince Free Spirit Gallery has created a new Native Art and Inuit Art page on Facebook, there have been new photos of beautiful Native American Indian art as well as Inuit art shared pretty well daily.It was Free Spirit Gallery's intention to expose more people to these wonderful artforms of the Native people. So far, the growth of Facebook fans

  • Shipping Native American Art On June 28
    We will be away on travel this week but of course our online secure website Free Spirit Gallery is still open for orders of any artwork. All orders will be timestamped for priority. We will process orders on the weekend and ship any Native American art or Inuit artwork out first thing on Monday morning June 28.Of course, we will still be posting images of beautiful Native American art and Inuit

  • Only One Raven Northwest Indian Art Print Left
    We have only one Raven Northwest Indian art limited edition print by artist Todd Baker left in our gallery. In fact, according to the artist, Free Spirit Gallery has the only numbered print left that is available anywhere!Only forty of these limited edition prints were ever produced by Todd and Free Spirit Gallery acquired the last few of them over the last two months. All of them were sold

  • Kunstdrucke der Indianischen Ureinwohner German Pages Updated
    Our German webpages at Free Spirit Gallery with our Native American art - kunstdrucke der Indianischen Ureinwohner - have all been updated to reflect our current inventory. Germans have had a long interest in Native American art so we took the initiative a few years ago to translate a part of our website into German (as well as Japanese since they have huge interest in Native arts as well).It's

  • Native American Art Gallery Website Shopping Cart Working Well
    I've just been through quite a few test transactions with the new secure online shopping cart system for Free Spirit Gallery and looks like it is working great. In fact, the new system is even better than our previous one since it accounts for shipping rates for international destinations.All of the Inuit art as well as Northwest Native American art pieces we currently have are now on this new

  • Native American Inuit Art Gallery Site Now On BlueHost
    As an update to the last post about plans to move our Native American Inuit art gallery website, we actually worked last night and successfully moved everything over to our new host server. This again is an effort to serve our website visitors better since the previous host server had regular downtimes. Our new host, BlueHost, is extremely reputable and so far from what we can tell, their

  • Free Spirit Gallery Website To Move To New Web Host
    The Free Spirit Gallery website has been hosted at a webhosting company in Montreal since inception and throughout the years, there have been numerous problems with connections that resulted in the website being down. This is unacceptable so in an effort to ensure that downtime is kept at an absolute minimum in the future, we will not be renewing our webhosting service with our present company

  • Video Of Native Indian Totem Pole Carver Working
    Here's a video I shot a few years ago at the First Peoples Festival in Montreal, Canada of Native Canadian Indian Métis sculptor Denis Charrette working on a large totem pole carving. Although totem poles are generally created by the Pacific Northwest tribes, there are other native artisans across Canada who also have been known to make totem poles.Totem poles are obviously huge projects both in

  • Over Half Of New Northwest Indian Art Carvings Sold
    Over half of the new Northwest Indian art carvings by Cody Mathias and his nephew George that were featured in the video in the previous post have been sold to lucky owners both locally here in Toronto and all over the United States.So if you still want to get one of these beautiful carvings for your home or office, you should take a look at what is still available in our Northwest Indian art

  • Eskimo Inuit Throat Singers On Video
    One of the most interesting cultural sounds is from the Eskimo Inuit from Canada's Artic region (note that in Canada, we do not generally use the term Eskimo but since it is still used in Alaska and elsewhere, we have included this term in this post - it is not meant to be used as a discriminatory term). Below is a short video of Inuit throat singers in action.This post is also serving as a test

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