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PaulCMusic.com - Paul Cooper Music feed
PaulCMusic.com RSS music feed. Get the latest 20 MP3 files produced by electronic artist Paul Cooper. Visit the website to download and stream music written in a variety of styles, including electronic, drum and bass, trip-hop and atmospheric ambient.
  • Twilight
    Longer drum and bass with changing melodies using strings, dark bass lines and electro sounds.

  • Poison Dart
    Fast electronic drum and bass.

  • Shock Wave
    New electronic track, using filtered pianos and big beats.

  • Fomalhaut
    Bigbeat electronic style rhythms.

  • Sprites
    Tech step style drums, distorted wobble 808 bass and a dark atmosphere.

  • Mirage
    Downtempo drums with lots of different sounds and weird instruments.

  • The Horizontal Story
    Drum and bass track using bright lead tunes and low bass.

  • Typhoon
    Tech style two step drum beats with electro sounds and large lead pads.

  • Aerodynamic
    Ambient intro with pianos and strings switches to brighter high pitched synth notes and bass guitar.

  • Slime Monster
    Downtempo electronic beats.

  • Space Clouds
    Big beat electronica made with large lead strings and low bass notes.

  • Fireball Mystery
    Bright intro switches into darker ambient drum and bass, with distorted bass notes and dark pads.

  • March of the Space Ants
    Layered synth tunes drift above big beats in this continually changing electo style track.

  • Fire In Soul
    Lighter drum and bass beats with atmospheric synth sounds.

  • Decay Chain
    Low twisting bass lines and ambient effects build into processed amen breaks in this dark drum and bass track.

  • Motion Forces
    Short tuneful big beat.

  • Low Level Living
    Piano, acoustic guitar and wah effects build into a heavier ending.

  • Chief
    Rhythmic bouncing big beats and guitars.

  • Broken Path
    Heavy distorted guitars, low pitch pianos and deep wah bass combine in this rock-orientated track.

  • Silent Walker
    Atmospheric drum and bass made with natural sounding strings and rolling twostep beats. Contains a half speed middle section with distorted drums.

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