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The Real Stone Space

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The Real Stone Space
Anything and Everything Related to Natural Stones
  • Real Stone ? Or Not
    There are many Natural Stones, that is stone made by nature, out there. Virtually every country in the world will have a deposit or operating supply of stone for their local and possibly international markets. Granites with fancy names from unpronounceable places hundreds of miles from nowhere. Small quarries next to a village that has [...]

  • The Nature of Real Stones
    Stones, or rocks, are the most important product of nature and are the most essential thing on Earth. Some stones are natural, with a course texture but others are synthetic and purposefully changed giving them a flawless and smooth texture and feel. Stones ware classified in categories according to its type and composition, as well [...]

  • Natural Stone ? The Oldest Sustainable Material
    Why is that almost everyone considers  natural stone as the oldest sustainable material? One of the reasons behind it, is that natural stone has been on the Earth’s surface for billions of years. Also with the addition of precious landmarks and structures such as the Taj Mahal, the Coliseum in Italy and Stone Henge, it [...]

  • Naturally Beautiful Natural Stones
    Natural stones have been used for centuries and it is the timeless choice of many experts. Stone will last a lifetime once correctly fabricated and installed. Believe it or not, natural stone is the experts choice in many household projects. It is really suitable in every household application, thus it can provide lifelong service. Natural [...]

  • Realstone Rainscreen Facades and Cladding Systems
    Changes in the weather conditions could lead to a depreciation of a building, add to the maintenance cost and weaken the strength of a property. The growing need for a new technology that could maintain and strengthen the life of a property has led to the development of Rainscreen. The Generix rainscreen system is one [...]

  • How Green is Natural Stone?
    Go Green!!! Environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, nature lover, these must be some of the commonly used adjectives describing the term ‘Go Green’. But first and foremost we have to define what is the meaning of the word ?green?. The Wikipedia defines green as a colour, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum [...]

  • What Makes Natural Stone Timeless?
    Natural stone is one of a kind product of nature. It is one of the most durable surfaces on earth. With it’s combined durability, natural beauty, and correct installation, natural stone could last a lifetime. As people increasingly invest to enhance the living space, they want products that could stand the test of time, thus [...]

  • Rainscreen Cladding: A Progress in Construction Methods
      First we have to define what Rainscreen Cladding is. The Wikipedia defines rainscreen cladding as a construction facade system which consists of the subframe and different finishes like the ceramic tiles, reconstituted stone boards, ceramic granite, natural stone, high pressure laminates, composite aluminium panels or fibre-cement board. It is the attachment of an outer [...]

  • Granite Countertops
    Natural stone tiles is your solution on high-quality stone tiles. Even though it seems a little bit expensive, having a countertop made of natural stone tiles such as granite is such an elegant gift for yourself as well as to your home. These days, having a granite countertop is a status symbol for the rich [...]

  • A Touch of Natural Stones
    I am wondering why natural stones could be as shiny as crystal clears like a floor in the image above. Today, commercial industries are on rise. They have supply quality natural stone tiles that suits in every area of our homes, in the kitchen, dining room, and especially at the living room. Stone tiles comes [...]

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