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AFEX - Foreign Currency Exchange Services

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Afex-Currency Exchange Solution
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  • Forex Services
    Looking for a forex services provider in UK? If the answer is yes, then you have spotted the right page. Afex is UK’s one of the leading companies providing forex services in and around the UK. Backed by years of experience, Afex truly understands that no two individual’s requirements are same. Thus, Afex makes sure […]

  • Online Currency Converter
    Looking for an online currency converter? Then Afex is the best choice for you. Afex provides the most comprehensive, current and updated online currency converter. Using Afex?s online currency converter ensures that you will be provided with the latest currency rates which mean you can easily set the rates while transferring the payment. With the […]

  • Leading foreign currency exchange broker
    AFEX (Associated Foreign Exchange Inc) is a leading company found in 1979 in Los Angeles that offers foreign currency exchange services to its customers. AFEX offers foreign currency exchange services catering to diverse range of customers ranging from small, medium enterprises to private companies and individuals.  About AFEX   AFEX is a renowned foreign exchange […]

  • Currency exchange made easy at AFEX
    Money and finance is the backbone of any organisation that deals in the exchange of goods and services. Thus, it is very important to have the regular and healthy flow of liquidity so that a business organisation does not suffers from its lack which can hamper the growth its rate. Therefore, it is very necessary […]

  • Large money transfer not an hassle any more
    Large money transfer has become a crucial criteria for conducting business to business or individual transfer of money in the global world. This has been particularly seen in terms of international currency transfer which has enabled better flow of money through financial institutions. www.afex-uk.com is just one of the leading money transfer services providers within […]

  • Money Transfer Service & Currency Converter
    You must have experienced a time when you need to bail your pesky son from a scrape while on his adventures on another backpacking trip; at that moment only money transfer was the biggest help you can provide. Money transfer is the oldest practice being used for more than 150 years. This financial practice usually […]

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