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Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India
This blog is about Offshore Software Outsourcing in expertize technologies like Microsoft, Open Source, PHP , Java, Drupal, Joomla. Also about website design, Software Testing, Technical Writing and Data Entry Techniques.
  • Annual Awards function "Year 2009"

    Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Anual Awards Function "Year 2008"
    Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Annual Awards function "Year 2007"

    Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • smartData Employees Donate Blood

    Punjab Newsline NetworkTuesday, 01 February 2011SAS NAGAR: One of the reputed IT company in Mohali, smartData Enterprises (I) Limited, Tuesday Blood Donation Camp at Mohaliorganized a blood donation camp at its premises to commemorate 12 years of continuous association of its founding members, Ajay Tewari, Vinay Tewari and Madan Singh  and Archana Pandey. 
    98 volunteers donated blood and 129 units were collected at the camp. ?This is a part of our social commitment to give back to the society, a spirit which we have tried to imbibe in every employee of the company,? says Ajay Tewari, founder director of smartData. Blood donation is one activity in which many of our members have been engaged for last couple of years and have been regular donors at the Rotary Blood Bank Society Resource Centre in Sector 37, Chandigarh. The company engages itself in other social service acts from time to time. ?We intend to engage our staff in at least one such activity of giving back to the society every month?,  Tewari said.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • The growth story of smartData Enterprises
    The story of smartData Enterprises is a story of growth, determination and excellence. For more than a decade, starting from its humble roots in Silicon Valley US, smartData has gained expertise in offshore software outsourcing, web development and software applications development for hundreds of clients globally including US, UK, Europe, Australia and South America.

    smartData was started with team strength of 4 members in 1999 and now reached a landmark figure of 400 professional human assets. The company's management comprises the best brains from top institutes like Stanford, Liverpool and IITs. It was the first company to be funded by Punjab Venture Fund. The company bought back its equity after 5 yrs by paying the principle along with dividends. From a 5000 sq ft of rented space in Mohali in 2003 to inauguration of their own 20,000 square feet facility in IT Park, Mohali, the company has moved from strength to strength.

    The company has been one of the premier software companies in the IT portfolio of the region. It has been bagging the highest software exporter award in the SME segment in the region and is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. smartData today has a development centre at Nagpur in addition to the newly inaugurated premises at Mohali.

    "smartData foresees itself to be a major player in Mohali region and expected to double its numbers by 2014-15. We have been able to grow because of the proactive IT friendly policies of Government of Punjab through its nodal agency Punjab Infotech and STP Mohali. Punjab Infotech's approach of following on 'need to know basis' allows growing group like smartData to focus on their core expertise which is growing business, with the confidence that they have the tacit support of the Government always" said Mr. Ajay Tewari who is one of the cofounder and the chief executive of smartData. Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Match #9 & #10

    I have been always discussing about the potential of the Mogambo's team and they proved it today with an amazing 57 by Rakesh Pant in a first wicket 81 run parternship.

    In the second match, Leopards got their first win of the tournament.

    More details will follow, here is a summary of the two matches on Sunday:

    Match #9 - Mogambos beat Avengers
    Avengers - 84 in 10 overs
    Mogambos - 85 in 9.3 overs

    Match #10 - Leopards beat Evolution
    Evolution - 76 in 10 overs
    Leopards - 81 in 7.4 overs.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Match # 7 & 8
    Current Standings
    Match #7 - Panthers comprehensively beat Evolution
    Evolution - 60 in 10 overs
    Panthers - 62 in 7 overs

    Match #8 - Triggers beat Scorpion
    Triggers - 114 in 10 overs
    Scorpions - 103 in 10 overs

    Details, I will be posting soon. Now that all the team have played 2 matches each, the standings is shown in the above panel.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Match # 6 - Brute Force vs Mogambo's
    Brute Force must be thinking about their weaknesses after this match. They might have won this on papers but mentally it was Mogambo's who won the match. The best batting line up was all out for 67, thanks to the great bowling display by Rakesh Pant.

    The match saw the first hat-trick of the season by Rakesh Pant and a total 5 wicket haul. The target was easy but the batting did flaunder for the Mogambo's and they were all out for 56. Surely Brute Force will not like to discuss this further. This might look like an easy win but trust me the match was real tense.

    Final Scores: Brute Force won by 11 runs
    Brute Force = 67 all out
    Mogambo's = 56 all out.

    P.S: All teams do not take Mogambo's lightly after this performance. Rakesh Pant was not able to perform with his bat but all know of his abilities. He has won many games single handedly in past. I heard there is a bit of pain in his right hand. Might be a good tactical point for other teams :)Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Cricket in smartData
    One very interesting comment from one very senior person at smartData, "You go anywhere and there are people discussing so seriously that seems there is some project issue and when you reach there its just CRICKET"...

    Take it on a positive side as this season, the owners, players and fans have turned out to be more enthusiatic about their teams. In the same time the sportsman spirit is visible by the bond each teams' members share with any other. So in a row you have a Avenger sitting next to a Scorpion and Leopards. Or a Brute Force member working with a Panthers player. Nothing has dimmed the bond they share... and I think it is growing stronger each day with the common interest people find in each other - CRICKET.

    Lunch time is good time to hear the gossips about the days' match or the next days matches. Good to hear even the ladies around with so much CRICKET in their talk...

    There are few cricket lover clients who have been visiting the blog regularly and they are supporting each team in SPL... I am really mesmerized by one thing that has become a religion in smartData and thats' CRICKET :)Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Match 5 - Avengers vs Leopards
    Did you watch the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan last week? You missed the same penultimate ball win if you didn't watch this 5th SPL match between Avengers and Leopards.

    With both teams loosing their first, this came out to be the game till now and trust me many are still considering this to be best one in this season. With one ball to go Avengers beat Leopards, thanks to the owners leading from the front. Ramandeep scored a marvellous 56 not out with Krishan scoring valuable runs with crucial wickets too.

    Leopards, you need to jump back into the league and the caliber your team, this is going to be a matter of a good game.

    Final Scores were:
    Leopards - 91 in 10 overs
    Avengers - 92 in 9.5 overs

    I am sure there are gonna be more such breathtaking games in the days to come. Hope everyone is enjoying the game.

    :)Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Score after Round 1
    Round 1 saw good performances by all the teams. Considering this was just a warm up for all of them, keep hooked as there is a lot more action to come in the weeks. Here is the score of different matches:

    Match # 1 - Brute Force beat Avengers by 19 runs
    Brute Force - 97 for 6 in 10 overs
    Avengers - 78 for 6 in 10 overs

    Match # 2 - Scorpions beat Mogamboz by 61 runs
    Scorpions - 126 for 3 in 10 overs
    Mogamboz - 62 all out in 9 overs

    Match # 3 - Panthers beat Leopards by 4 wickets
    Leopards - 92 for 3 in 10 overs
    Panthers - 94 for 4 in 9 overs

    Match # 4 - Triggers beat Evolution by 6 wickets
    Evolution - 81 for 5 in 10 overs
    Triggers - 82 for 2 in 7 overs

    The current standings have been shown in the right panel. But mind you that this is just the start and equations can change with a game. So come and enjoy the carnival and DO ENSURE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE TEAM.

    Enjoy :)Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • The GAME has begun

    Time: 5:45 am
    Venue: Banyan Tree School, Sec 48

    With the official declaration done by respected Brigadier Mishra sir, the season 3 of smartData's premier league begun.

    Though a bit of disappointment due to lesser number of non playing audience, but the charisma and enthusiasm of the envrionment negated this too.... Almost every team had a presense with the first ball bowled by Krishan Murari of AVENGERS to BRUTE FORCE. Here is a summary of the games in the weekend (more details will follow):

    Sat 19 June 2010.
    Match #1 - Brute Force beat Avengers.
    Match #2 - Scorpions beat Mogamboz.

    Sun 20 June 2010.
    Match #3 - Panthers beat Leopards.

    I will be posting the match details with scores soon... But all those not there to watch the matches BEWARE you missed the excitement.

    Enjoy the season...
    Match #4 - Triggers beat Evolution.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Clash of Titans
    Much awaited event is about to begin. Hold your breath and watch the extreme event as it start taking shape and spreading its fever across smartData enterprises Mohali and Nagpur office as well. The first two matches to be played are as follows

    - Avengers VS Brute Force Saturday, June 19, 2010 6:15
    - Scorpions VS Mogamboz Saturday, June 19, 2010 8:15

    Mark your presence on the opening day of this event and capture the excitement passion and commitment of the players, cheer for your favorite team and help them win.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • SPL 3 Begins

    After the much exciting process of auction for players, the teams have been structured. Given below are the details of team compositions (click to view large):

    Warm up games have started, and teams are showing the sportmanship they possess. All cool and silent till now... Hope to see some excitment and action in the coming weeks...Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Mohali Headquaters : Proud To Have Our Own Facility

    Our Facility
    We have moved to our own new facility in the mid of March 2010. The facility is wide spread over 5 floors with excellent development area, conference rooms, re-creational space,  meditation center and cafeteria.
    Our offshore development center is in Mohali-Chandigarh (North India) & two development centers at Nagpur (Central India). The innovative design and bright color scheme reflects the dynamic work environment. Our Nagpur office mirrors the amenities presently available in smartData Mohali. Click here to know more about Nagpur facility.

    Computing Infrastructure

    smartData India provides its entire engineering staff with the latest high-end Intel based workstations. Laptops and remote connectivity are provided to managers and system analysts. So that they can comfortably work from home or while away on business travel.

    smartData has a highly reliable and efficient telecom and data infrastructure. smartData is committed to ensuring its employees safety and security. Our security services team are available 24 x 7. Preventive measures are ensured for the safety of man and material against natural disasters. Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • STPI Sofware Export Awards Given
    As part of e-revolution 2009, STPI software exports awards for 2008-09 were given away by Dr Omkar Rai, senior director, STPI, to IT and IT-enabled services (ITES) companies from the region for excelling in the global market. STPI had categorized units in multinationals and SME segments for both software development and ITES sectors.

    Infosys Technologies Ltd was given the Highest Exports Award in software development category and Dell International Services (I) Pvt Ltd in IT-enabled services.

    The highest exports awards for software development for SME category were bagged by Visionaire Technologies Pvt Ltd of Haryana, Mobera Systems Pvt Ltd of Chandigarh and smartData Enterprise India Ltd of Punjab.
    In ITES segment, the highest export awards for SME category went to Seamless Soft & Rece Solutions Pvt Ltd from Chandigarh, Webart Softech from Haryana and ADI back-office from Punjab.

    Three units were honoured with Fast Trackers Award- ION Solutions Pvt Ltd from Punjab, Xportsoft Technologies from Haryana, under software development and IT & BPO Solutions of Chandigarh under ITES category.

    Tushar and Shivam Goswami from Solutions Beyond Software were honoured with the Youngest Entrepreneur Award, while Anuja Lath, CEO, Pugmark Design Studio, was given Women Entrepreneur Award for 2008-09.

    Vinay Johar, director, Connoisseur Infotech Pvt Ltd, received the Emerging Entrepreneur Award. Care Fusion Dev Pvt Ltd from Chandigarh and Agilyst Consulting Pvt Ltd from Punjab were awarded with New Entrant Award under software development and ITES category.

    Seasia Consulting from Chandigarh and IDS Infotech Ltd, Punjab were given the Excellent SME Award for software development. 

    Source : The Times of India
    CHANDIGARH , TNN, Sep 4, 2009 Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Helping Hand

    A part from providing IT solutions. Young smartData Team members are always ready to provide helping hand to the society.Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Smartdata Enterprises: Offshore Software Outsourcing Company
    Smartdata enterprises, an offshore software outsourcing company, has expertise in web and software applications development in the ever-growing software development offshore outsourcing global market.

    In 1996, SmartData Enterprises Incorporation, a consulting company was formed in Silicon Valley, California. It was three years later in 1999, the company saw the vast potential in the IT sector in India and set up SmartData Enterprises (India) Ltd, a database company with four members. Over the years, the company has grown and today boasts of having over a dozen clients globally. Its preferred partners are in the U.S. and Europe. Based in Mohali and Nagpur, SmartData Enterprises today makes websites and databases for real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, community portals and infotainment. It?s an ISO certified company, which has over 300 staff including professionals in Microsoft technologies and Open Source platforms. On an expansion spree, the company is looking at new markets, sustaining and enlarging them globally and getting accustomed to cultural challenges. ?Major customer base is still the U.S. But over a period of 4/5 years we have reduced the dependency. We have reduced the dominance of U.S. customers in terms of percentage pie. We have customers in Europe then. We have customers in pen pacific ring, which includes Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. We are actually trying to get more customers even by giving them extra discount,? says Ajay Tewari, Chief Executive Officer of the Smartdata Enterprises (I) Ltd.

    SmartData Enterprises provides quality graphic design, flash and animations to its foreign clients. Besides, it provides graphic designing solutions for customers linked to small and medium enterprises and the entrepreneurial community.SmartData is also a Microsoft Gold Partner certified company and a leading player on B2C market place Odesk and has done business over 1.2 million dollars with Elance, a California-based company. The company also has clients in Israel, Greece and the Caribbean.To serve its global partners, SmartData Enterprises is planning to expand its facilities in India. ?At this point we are putting those plans little on the back shelf because of the current economy but definitely we will not be a 2-city company. We have plans which place will depend on what assistance we get from the local government and what kind of resource pool is available,? says Ajay Tewari. The company has been able to work out excellent operations management by establishing its credentials in the global market and has been able to overcome the teething problems of having the right resource for the right job. The company?s ability to manage complex-challenging projects like Macromedia and Bank of America has ensured that it attracts the right talent.Its reach from small to medium sized projects to enterprise level clientele - means that it has achieved phenomenal success. Smartdata Enterprises was selected by Ernst and Young worldwide as one of the 15 potential growing Indian companies suitable for possible funding opportunities.

    Source : Thaindian News
    Sunil Sharma
    Mohali, 20 April 2009Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Indian Software Developer Breaking into Japan
    SmartData Enterprises was founded in Silicon Valley, California, USA in 1996 by current president Dr. Sanjai TIWARI. Today, the company has a staff of 300 in offices in the US and India providing offshore software development services that include Internet, database and e-commerce development. So how did Sanjai grow smartData into the success it is today?

    ?During the early days, our first clients were basically startup CEOs whom I had known personally from consulting,? Sanjai, who was previously a consultant giving his expertise to Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm and Bank of America says. ?Our mantra has been to be flexible and grow with those clients, and it has worked well for us in the past. Having hailed from Silicon Valley startup culture, we like working with small companies working on exciting ideas with explosive growth potential.?

    Despite facing stiff competition from hundreds of small software houses in India, as well as new competition in emerging software countries like Russia and Vietnam, smartData has continued to grow. In the beginning, however, it wasn?t always easy.

    ?Initially, the biggest hurdle was attracting good employees given that we started small. However, I was able to convince a friend from my Stanford University days to help set up the initial operations,? Sanjai says. ?Later, my brother left his job in the Merchant Navy and pitched in his administrative and operations experience. They were mostly responsible for growing the company first from 1 to 50 and later accelerating to a 300-people organization with over 50 clients.?

    That growth is all the more impressive considering the company has chosen to rely on personal networking and personal references to attract clients, rather than spending on advertising to market itself. ?Given the power of global communications, now we have clients in far away Israel, Greece and the Caribbean, who have visited our offices in India,? Sanjai says. ?We would never have dreamt of reaching them through traditional advertising and marketing. Our outreach in the past couple of years has even surprised me.?

    To date, smartData?s clients have been mainly small to medium size businesses in real-estate, healthcare, e-commerce and IT services based in the US and Europe, but now the company is expanding into Japan. And smartData?s approach to promotion seems ideally suited to the country. ?Our marketing has primarily been through personal networking and client references in the past. We would like to keep it as such for the next couple of years while we try to establish a foothold in the Japanese market,? Sanjai says. ?Unlike in the US, I think one needs to have a stronger personal connection and cultural understanding to gain credibility in this market.?Offshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

  • Cost Effective Website Development

    smartData Enterprises is a leading offshore software development company providing customized application development, system integration, product implementation and consulting services. Also provides software design services , database designing, re-engineering maintenance, graphic designing, Quality assurance and product testing, Technical & Content writing. Technical Expertise Microsoft Technologies and Open Source.

    Expertise in website / desktop applications relating to
    E-commerce Website
    Health Care
    Real Estate
    Social Networking
    Sports Portal
    Wedding Portals
    Sports Portals
    Survey portals
    Reporting Tools
    Document Management
    Data Mining Website(s)

    smartData Enterprises Inc.
    706 Colorado Avenue,
    Palo Alto, CA 94303


    For more information visit www.smartdatainc.net and contact us at info@smartdatainc.netOffshore Software Development Services| Outsourcing Company India

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