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Real Man Travel Guides
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  • Roosh?s Argentina Compendium
    My fifth book, called Roosh’s Argentina Compendium, is a compilation of my all my writings on Argentina. A couple things you’ll find inside are… The minimum number of approaches you need to do to get your Argentine flag The two principle strategies you should use to bang an Argentine girl that accounts for the length […]

  • Release Of Roosh?s Brazil Compendium
    My fourth book, called Roosh’s Brazil Compendium, is a compilation of my all my writings on Brazil. A couple things you’ll find inside are… How to reliably identify a Brazilian girl who is open to having sex with a Westerner A strategy to picking out Brazilian bars or nightclubs that maximizes your chance of hooking […]

  • How To Get Laid While Traveling In Colombia
    I just finished my Colombian fuck-guide that teaches you how to get with Colombian girls in Colombia. It shares tips to use during day and nighttime pickup with lines both in English and Spanish. I also teach you about Colombian women and the adjustments you’ll have to make compared to the sloppy Western women you’re […]

  • My New Travel Book Is Out!
    Finally, my follow-up to Bang has been published. It’s called A Dead Bat In Paraguay, and is a memoir about my six-month adventure through South America where I searched for life meaning and foreign women. If you’ve ever thought about quitting your job and taking a long trip to exotic places (while trying to bang […]

  • Travel Advice
    The travel section over at my forum has been pretty active lately. Here’s a few of the active topics: How many times did you get laid in Rio? India – chance of getting laid? Studying abroad in London Project Medellin and Medellin Safety / Protection in South America A few guys have already met in […]

  • Rio Nightlife Guide
    Before I came to Rio, a carioca (Rio native) told me that there is only one club in Rio that she can tolerate. I brushed aside her comment, but turns out the nightlife in Rio is not that great. There aren’t that many clubs represented for a city population of 8 million, and the ones […]

  • How To Increase Your Travel Motivation
    There are a lot of guys who want to go somewhere but the days turn into months and they never bother to do more than basic research. Their motivation isn’t strong enough to make the plunge, even though the destination they are flirting with may offer the best time of their life. The way to […]

  • How To Speak To Girls In Basic Spanish
    When you’re in another country it’s best to approach the girl English to immediately broadcast your gringo status. Another benefit of using English is that since it’s your native language you will hesitate less than if you had to approach in a new language you are unfamiliar with. Opening is half the battle so it’s […]

  • So You?re Going To Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
    Previously: Rio de Janiero Travel Guide Introduction To Brazilian Girls Brazilian Gym Culture Three Best Cities In South America I’ve received a lot of questions from guys going to Rio who want to have sex with a Brazilian girl. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to achieve that goal: 1. Where to stay? […]

  • Clarification On The Hook Up Ratings
    I got an email from a gentleman questioning how I could put Cuzco, Peru at the top of my hookup list since the girls there are “ugly.” Attractiveness was not a factor I used in making the list because it’s just too subjective. What I think is attractive may not be what you think, and […]

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