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  • Two Programs Will Migrate Windows 10 to SSD Without OS Reinstallation
    Is it necessary to use an SSD as the system disk? How to replace your current system disk with an SSD? This post will show you two piece of third-party tools to migrate Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling operating system and applications. Why Clone Windows 10 to SSD Generally speaking, the manufacturers always use […]

  • AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 Review
    After two years, free AOMEI PE Builder finally updated to 2.0. In this new version, AOMEI PE Builder added double-boot mode supported function. Now the WinPE bootable media created by you is compatible with both old BIOS and new UEFI so that you don’t have to create two medias for those two boot modes separately. […]

  • Oculus Rift Third-Party Assistants ? vrBackupper and Oculus Mover
    Oculus Rift is a famous virtual reality device. Since 2014, it has been acquired by Facebook, it becomes more popular than before. However, users may find Oculus Rift?s shortcomings. It has no backup app for backing up its games state and other data. Oculus Rift?s apps can only be saved in the installation directory and […]

  • How Do I Solve ? Hard Drive Not Showing up in My Computer
    Hard drive (both internal hard drive and external hard drive) plays an important role in computer. We store our operating system, programs and personal data in hard drive. However, if we browse forums, we can find many people are troubled by hard drive, for their hard drive doesn?t show up in Windows Explorer. What should […]

  • DesignEvo: New Tool Online to Create Free Impressive Logos
    If you want to get a memorable logo for your business brand without any cent and much time, DesignEvo is a perfect choice. It is a free online logo maker with simple drag-and- drop features and a straightforward interface which is extremely easy to use. Some Enlightened Features of DesignEvo: * Over one million icons available to […]

  • WonderFox Back to School Giveaway
    Hello, everyone, today I want to tell you something about the WonderFox Back to School Giveaway. As the school bell is ringing, are you ready for class? WonderFox has accumulated 8 Acclaimed Software Company including Ashampoo, WinSysClean, Watermark, Wise Cleaner and more say ?hello? to class. There are 2 rounds in total!!  ($500 total value)  […]

  • 3 Best Hard Drive Erase Software Review
    When donating or selling used computers, data on the hard drive shall be wiped clean so that sensitive personal info won?t fall into the wrong hands, you may have known that simple deletion and formation won?t erase hard drive, and deleted files can be easily picked up any data recovery programs, so today, we?ll share […]

  • 4 Design Tips Using FotoJet
    FotoJet is a favorite photo tool for social network fans. It?s easy and quick, helping you add text and overlays to photos for your YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, Facebook post, YouTube thumbnail, Pinterest Graphic, Twitter header, Facebook Ad, Google plus cover, Instagram Post, Poster, Flyer, Logo, etc. Here I?ll show you a few tips […]

  • AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5
    Have you ever been encounter the situation that low disk space error pop up from bottom of desktop? If you have used this computer many years or you installed and downloaded many applications. The volume will be smaller and smaller without doubt. How to solve this problem? Windows built-in disk management can solve part of […]

  • WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review
    Remember days past where people used to get compact disks and DVDs making use of their songs and movies? In reality, in the past, CDs were the sole means people could share and transfer data. But, technology has come a considerable ways and most current day computers don’t have even a CD compartment like they used […]

  • Who Benefits from Cyber Liability Insurance
    The benefits of cyber liability insurance are not confined to any particular industry or business size. While it is true that some industries or companies are more vulnerable to data breaches, primarily because they maintain larger volumes of the type of data that is valuable to a hacker, any business or institution can find itself […]

  • Graphic Design: Make This Career Path Work for You in 6 Steps
    Are you a lover of all things graphic design? If so, you?re probably thinking about carving out a career for yourself in this arena. It?s something that more and more people are looking to do as companies search for captivating graphics that get them noticed online. However, don?t just jump into this career before knowing […]

  • Freelance Marketers Can Make Big Bucks
    Freelance marketing has its perks. Most marketers work from home, choose their own hours and earn great money from an endless supply of projects from businesses wanting to expand their operations. But how do you get to that point? Before you even get started, it?s important to know which kind of marketing you want to […]

  • Become The Best Software Developer You Can Using These Simple 5 Methods
    The job title ?software developer? is a very recently created job title in the scope of human history. If you are a software developer or are planning to be one, congratulations! You are among the first few generations pioneering this exciting new industry. In a world where digital fluency is almost as important as literacy, […]

  • WonderFox DVD Video Converter Review
    Have you been buying video converter or video editing tool? WonderFox DVD Video Converter is certainly worth giving a try. It’s one of the very efficient video converter utilities we tried so far. Read this review to find out more about this tool from WonderFox Soft Inc. I have already been trying various video converters […]

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