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  • How Long Will Your Roof Last?
      The numbers below were cited for commercial roofs, but we see no reason for them not to apply to residential roofs as well. Information source: https://www.phpsd.com/blog/7-tips-for-making-your-commercial-roof-stand-the-test-of-time . Average Lifespan Of course certain roof types will last longer because ofRead more ›

  • India Exceeds 1GW of Rooftop Solar
    India has actually gotten to 1,020 MW of solar rooftop implementations, having included 513MW over the last One Year, according to consultancy company Bridge to India. Development over the last year was at 113% as well as a comparable trajectoryRead more ›

  • Pondering Why US Solar Installers are in the Red
    It is obvious that the stock of US residential solar companies has been on the decline, with shares falling steadily over the past few years. Last week, SolarCity plumetted nearly 66% from their 52-week peak of US$ 58.87. SunPower, whichRead more ›

  • 3D Printed Plaster Cast to Replace Older, Itchier Casts
    Though plaster casts have long been an important tool for orthopaedic healing for centuries, they are not free of foibles. Sweat, dirt and restricted ventilation are known to cause not just discomfort but also infections. A 21st century 3D printedRead more ›

  • 3D Printed Robots Walk Their Way to Success
    Pushing the envelope a little further, a group of researchers at MIT?s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed an ingenious method to 3D fully functional robots. The robots, which are made from both solids and liquids, require justRead more ›

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