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Discover Information & News Designed To Help You Fit Into Your Jeans
  • Podcast With Tara Marie Segundo Is Now Available
    http://hotradio125.com/showaudio/thetimeisnow012709.mp3 The archived podcast from the January 27 online radio interview with Tara Marie Segundo is now available. You will learn how NLP and simple techniques can make a significant impact on your life and health & fitness pursuits. Bookmark To:

  • Live Online Radio Interview Tomorrow Night (Jan. 27, 2009)
    Fit Into Your Jeans author, Matt Mc Dermott, will be the guest of Tara Marie Segundo on her internet radio show, The Time Is Now. The interview will take place live tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 27, 2009) at 8:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Pacific. Archives of the show will be posted later in the week. From Tara, [...]

  • Get ?Fit Into Your Jeans? At No Charge Until January 9!
    I couldn’t wait any more! I strongly stand behind the information found in Fit Into Your Jeans; and I want you to have it as it will make ANY fitness plan you follow so much easier to reach your goals. Most people can’t reach their goals due to poor information, self-sabotage, sabotage from friends/family/coworkers, or [...]

  • 4 Easy Steps To Discover How To Slim Down And Tone Your Inner Thighs
    Here is an article which shows you how you get slim down and tone your inner thighs with easy steps starting tonight. Bookmark To:

  • A Real Life Scenario: Loved Ones Who Do Not Exercise
    If you want to be motivated and enthusiastic to get in shape then you have to be careful about those who want to sabotage your efforts. It’s sad to say it, but misery loves company and people who do not follow basic healthy habits tend to drag others around them down when it comes [...]

  • How To Tone Up And Slim Your Inner Thighs By Using Money As A Motivator
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081210/od_nm/us_incentive;_ylt=AlUGoZBt4Ji6Dsh6CUlFI5ztiBIF Somehow Yahoo chose this to be under its “Odd News” section. While different than what is recommended in the e-book Fit Into Your Jeans, it still shows that people will do what they have incentive to do. Money is a powerful motivator for many people. If you are such a person then [...]

  • Interesting Article On High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Interesting Article On High Fructose Corn Syrup Bookmark To:

  • Tara Marie Segundo?s Interview On Healing
    Check out my friend Tara Marie Segundo’s interview on physical healing which took place in early November: http://www.hotradio125.com/showpages/taramariesegundo.htm If you want to discover new ways to use your mind to help you look great in your jeans then be sure to sign up for the free newsletter and free reports at Fit Into Your Jeans. Bookmark [...]

  • Affected By The Bad Economy? You Still Can Get In Shape While Watching TV
    Many people are affected by the economic downturn, and oftentimes purchasing useful information is put on the “back burner.” If you want to get in shape, yet don’t have extra money for buying useful e-books, then you now have an option. Learn how to get in shape while never missing a second of your favorite [...]

  • Did You Know That You Already Paid For Useful Fitness Websites?
    It’s true! You already paid for fitness websites which have some terrific information; and chances are that you didn’t even know that these sites existed! Learn health and fitness information which everyone needs to know regardless of your health & fitness goals. Anyone interested in weight loss, gaining muscle, overcoming illness, first time weight [...]

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