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Positive Self Development
Self development and learning resources
  • What is Mindfulness?
    Have you ever eaten a chocolate bar whilst day dreaming? Afterwards you see the empty chocolate bar packet and realise that you do not remember eating it, or remember how it tasted. Have you driven a car then realised at the end of your journey that you cannot remember anything about the route? These are […]

  • Review of Creatively Ever After
    The book' Creatively Ever After' is a fascinating journey through the Creative Problem Solving process. Alicia could have written a dull text book on CPS, but using the vehicle of Nursery Rhymes means that the book is both highly readable and entertaining. When I finished the book I felt that I understood the CPS process.

  • Creatively Ever After
    It wasn?t until I studied at the International Center for Studies in Creativity that I realized my ?affliction? had a name. It was called creativity. And, creativity wasn?t an affliction after all.

  • Do You Know The Power Of Now?
    So much mental energy is spent remembering the past and anticipating the future. What is often missed in all this is the present.

  • How Do You Get It All Done?
      The mind is disorganised and that’s just the way it works. Brains are not designed to create order in your life. They need some help. How many of these statements apply to you? You think about something that needs doing, then forgot about it a few minutes later. You put small objects down in […]

  • Can Mindfulness Meditation Help You be Happy?
    Can Mindfulness Meditation Help You be Happy?

  • The Paleo Diet Challenge Video
    Here’s a video to watch about the Paleo Diet.  

  • Confidence Building Techniques to Get a New Job
    If you are unemployed you need confidence building techniques to help you land a new job.

  • What are the Different Types of Meditation?
    What are the Different Types of Meditation? While there are many different types of meditation, there are two general classifications: concentrative and mindfulness.  In concentrative meditation, you focus on clearing your mind to provide you with greater concentration, awareness and clarity. In mindfulness meditation, you open your mind to become more aware of the things […]

  • Are Mindfulness Meditation Techniques Becoming Mainstream?
    There are many ways in which mindfulness meditation techniques is becoming more mainstream.

  • Is Your Weight Loss Motivation Going the Wrong Way?
    To lose weight requires lots of weight loss motivation. But what if that weight loss diet does not work?

  • How Does Stress Affect Health?
    Fortunately there are several ways to manage stress. These are described in my free book How To Manage Stress.

  • Can a Positive Attitude Get You Back to Work?
    As more and more firms are closing down in this recession, many find themselves out of a job. This is when a positive attitude makes all the difference. I used to work in a hotel and also lived there in the staff quarters, so when I was made redundant I was both out of work […]

  • A Positive Attitude Doesn?t Work!
    Some self development teachers stress the need for a positive attitude to life.  But maybe mindfulness is a better way. A friend of mine was walking through the park when he began to have very negative thoughts that told him he was no good and unworthy. He came back from his walk in the park […]

  • Is the Pursuit of Perfect How to Find Happiness?
    If you are concerned with how to find happiness, do not be a perfectionist.

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