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Canada Immigration Tips, Information And Answers

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Canada Immigration News And Infos
Information And News On Residency, Immigration And Working Or Living In Canada
  • Q and A: Can I Still Re-acquire My Permanent Residence?
    Question:I got permanent residence in Canada in the year 2000. In the year 2001 I was in Los Angeles and encountered a woman. We got married and lived together in the United States for ten years. We separated recently and I would like to go back to Canada to live. My immigrant visa has been […]
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  • Q and A: Are Visitor Visa Holder Allowed To Study In Canada?
    Question: I arrived in Canada as a visitor on the first of May 2015 with my two children. This is my initial visit to Canada and I would wish to prolong my stay past the initial time I was granted. However if I extend my stay, my children will miss out their school year. Can […]
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  • Interested In Getting Into A Canadian University? Here Are Your Options!
    Summer brings a welcome break for all the students that have been studying so hard throughout the year. Exams are over, graduation has taken place, and it is time to relax. In Canada, this is also true for high school teenagers. Those that are seniors may have already been accepted to an institution of higher […]
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  • Q and A: International Student Seeking Permanent Residency Options
    Question: After being in Quebec as a PhD student for three and a half years, I am wondering if I am able to apply for permanent residency prior to the time that my education is complete. Are there certain special conditions or some advantages that can be used for PhD students? Answer: You may be […]
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  • Q and A: Applying For Visitor Visa While Sponsorship Is Pending
    Question: I have a son who is a citizen of Canada and he is married to a girl from India. He has worked to submit a spousal sponsorship application and the normal time for processing a PR for a spouse from India is roughly 18 months. As the application is processing, is she able to […]
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  • Updates In Canada Immigration Business Categories: Quebec And Saskatchewan
    Earlier this month, Quebec and Saskatchewan announced some updates in the business streams of their respective immigration programs. These updates pertain to intake dates and changes to some of the streams and categories. Updates in Quebec?s Business Stream Quebec made some changes in its investor program, its business category, and its self-employed immigration stream. These […]
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  • Canada?s 4-In, 4-Out Rule Threatening to Eject Many TFWs Out of the Country
    April 1, 2015 will see the implementation of Canada?s new 4-in, 4-out rule for temporary foreign workers (TFWs). This plan was initially discussed in 2011 as part of the changes in the TFW program. According to the new rule, all TFWs are only allowed to stay in the country for a maximum period of 4 […]
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  • International Experience Canada: Immigration To Canada Option For Young People
    While the Federal Skilled Worker Program remains as the primary avenue for many skilled workers to come to Canada, the International Experience Canada (IEC) also remains as the main avenue for foreign youths who want to stay and work in Canada for a specific amount of time (the longest being 2 years). Canada partners with […]
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  • What Are The Benefits Of Studying In Canada?
    Canada is continuously growing to become a popular destination of students who want to get their education abroad. It is now ranking alongside countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and is even starting to surpass the said countries when it comes to its appeal to foreign students – all thanks to the many […]
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  • Canada To Issue Open Work Permit To Inland Spousal Applicants
    The spouses and common law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can now breathe a sigh of relief as Canada sets to issue an amendment to its existing rules for inland spousal applicants. Contrary to its previous regulation that prohibits inland applicants from working while their application is being processed, Canada announces that it […]
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  • Quebec Set To Review Its Overall Immigration Process
    Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Kathleen Weil, announced a year-long review of the province?s existing immigration policies and processes. The review will commence on the last week of January at the National Assembly in Quebec City, and the expected results will include a reform of Quebec?s immigration laws and the relationship between Quebec […]
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  • Canada Express Entry Now Officially Open
    Express Entry, the much-awaited new system that will now facilitate the selection of prospective immigrants to Canada, is now officially in operation. The said system is modeled after the system used by other countries such as New Zealand. It is not an immigration system per se; it is merely a selection system?the first step for […]
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  • Provinces To Receive Extra Nomination Slots Under The New Express Entry System
    While the introduction of the new Express Entry System in Canada might initially seem like an attempt to limit the number of immigrants getting into the country, the new system actually improves the immigration process in order to ensure that the most qualified applicants will be processed the soonest time possible. One of the benefits […]
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  • Ontario Set To Introduce A New Immigration Act
    As the implementation of the Express Entry program nears, provinces are expecting changes and adjustments in their existing Provincial Nominee Programs, which will be affected by the new system. Ontario, on its part, is planning to introduce a new immigration act, which aims to help facilitate the coordination between the province and the federal government […]
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  • Alberta Wants More Slots For Provincial Nomination Program
    Alberta?s Minister of Jobs, Ric McIver, sent a letter to Chris Alexander, the federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, to request for a lifting of the cap in the number of nomination slots given to the province. According to McIver, the province is looking at a shortage of about 96,000 workers in 2023 – many […]
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