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  • Lord Shiva: The Pioneer of Disruptive Innovation
    "May the elements of creation abide within me in perfection. May the greatest that can be that in the world be created by me, by us, by all living beings. I honor this divine potential manifested by Shiva for universal benefit." - (Panchakshri Mantra.) Time is a great transformational tool that experiences our four stages of life and defines our complete lifetime in a boundless, cosmic platform.

  • Idiot Box, Not So Idiot Anymore
    Remember that square-shaped box resting on the table of your living room? When you switch it on, it would show you either some of the most brain-picking news or any other piece of monotonous video clip. That's what this idiot box was all about in the early times.

  • On Being Hardy Stock
    The time my husband and I spent building our cabin in the country and living off-grid was physically demanding, educational, emotionally challenging, and truly inspiring. During that time, I developed a deep admiration for our early American pioneers. Inside of me, grew a well of gratitude for what these people gave to our country physically and materially... not to mention spiritually. These people were seriously hardy stock.

  • On Becoming My Own Cosmic Magician
    I have been trying to figure out exactly where it is that the love is the highest in my world; so that I can go there. If it means that I have to move, then so be it. I am reaching, stretching... grasping for my very future and actively participating in its creation at every level.

  • Embrace Your Future Today
    Sometimes failure is not a result of lack of resources. It comes through poor planning. Those moments we are meant to strategize we rather turn to unyielding activities. At the end it is the rest of our lives and future generations that suffer the consequences. Simply because we were not attentive to detail.

  • Life Outside Your Phone
    Technology advancements are great, allowing us to increase productivity. They can also change our world in ways that we should think about. We need to retain our humanity and make a conscious choice between tech and human interaction. We can start small.

  • Imaging And Fulfillment
    General Ferdinand Foch and railroad magnate James Jerome Hill were masters of what I am going to write about today. Also, on of the few correct quotes of Napoleon Bonaparte was that imagination rules the world. Yes, I am writing on imaging, imagination and fulfillment.

  • Message From the Universe: Creativity at Its Best
    Spend time learning new things, being thirsty for knowledge, always figuring out the best way to do things so you can teach your techniques to others. Sharing your knowledge is crucial to get the ball rolling and having the future generation continue that process so we can all benefit from human kind.

  • Message From the Universe: Looking for Abnormal Trends
    Always be aware of your immediate environment. Be more aware of what is going on around you. Never ignore the signs. In every city you visit, you will always see signs mentioning: If you see something, say something, and that relates to terrorism, of course. But the same should be applied to your own life. If you see something you want to change in your life, then go ahead and change it. Do not wait for someone to come and do it for you. Take control of it and get better.

  • Message From the Universe: Keep the Learning Baggage With You - The Rest, Lea...
    Life's experiences are needed to learn from them and grow. If you do not take the risk to put yourself in a situation which will require you to learn from that experience, you are not living life. Grow from your mistakes and learn to never make the same one again. We all make mistakes in life, as we are humans but it is up to you to take the positive out of every negative situation and be fortunate enough to take the best out of everything. As long as your life is not in danger, you need to embrace challenges and always be fortunate enough to have that privilege to becoming a better person in the process.

  • Utilizing Creativity in a Constructive Way Possible
    When you are full of ideas, you have an enduring need to use your creativity in a constructive a way as you possibly can. Put these thoughts and concepts into practice in a way previously not imagined or believed was possible, and implement these strategies you felt so strongly about and that are so important to you.

  • Message From the Universe: When HELPING Others, You HELP Yourself!
    Zig Ziglar said it best: AS you help others succeed, you help yourself succeed even further. This action demonstrates selflessness, which is a great quality that a very few have. However, when you master this skill, you will benefit from it by seeing someone always being grateful for taking time out of your schedule to help them move through a difficult challenge in life and come out a winner. Help as much as you are able to but never forgo your happiness in the process. Always remember that you are very important as well so keep this in mind.

  • How to Develop Innovative Ideas at Work
    Are you stuck with your work projects? Can't proceed? Or, simply procrastinating? This article pours insights on how you can accumulate innovative ideas at work. Look inside to find out.

  • The Paralysis of Choice
    Did you ever notice that usually our wants don't satisfy us once we are in the midst of receiving them? This is usually because we are insatiable on the one hand and unsatisfied on the other. But what is more, the more choices we have, the worse we feel, and the more anxious we feel. Once upon a time, when we went out to buy a box of cereal, we only had a few choices. Now it seems that there are thirty different varieties of cereal, and it seems that they are coming up with more flavours on a weekly basis. Wasn't it easier when we could go to the store and just have one or two types of cereal? The success of modernity is bittersweet because of the overabundance of choice. Having too many choices causes psychological distress, especially when it is combined with regret, comparison and the desire to have the best of everything. There are steps we can take to mitigate many sources of distress. But they are not easy to follow. They require discipline, practise, and a new way of thinking. I will outline four steps on how to avoid choice overwhelm.

  • Knowledge Is Valuable
    As a person you are ever growing. You were built to learn and to go on from level to level. Think about what it is that you are involved in. If you are involved in a career or in the marketplace there is always room to grow. The reason that there is room to grow is because the times are constantly changing.

  • The Power Of Constructive Impatience - A Key To Resiliency
    Rather than respond with knee-jerk reactions or lash out in frustration or anger when the status quo is unacceptable and change is needed, use constructive impatience. Constructive impatience builds a case for carefully crafted actions that elicit collaboration and cooperation rather than anger.

  • How to Build Your Best Ideas From Your Mistakes
    When we make mistakes, new ideas emerge. We need to learn from our mistakes. There are always good ideas and bad ideas. The ideas that actually lead us to innovation don't appear yet. We need to work on it.

  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow!
    One of the most important things that a business owner needs to do is learn to understand themselves. Start, if you haven't already, to do personal development. Getting to really know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and what makes you tick will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Only by learning about yourself can you really grow and be successful.

  • Humans Are PCs
    A PC's operating system can be corrupted to the point it only produces dysfunction that would cause one to become frustrated. However, one can always perform a clean wipe of the PC's hard drive in order to literally start from scratch. I.e. begin with a clean slate so the operator can freely choose which programs they want to keep or discard.

  • How to Become More Innovative
    Can you be more innovative? To be honest, I don't know. I think 40 percent of the population can never be good at innovating, regardless what they do. Read This to find out How you can become More Innovative.

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