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  • Rejoice, Be Patient, and Pray
    We are forever grateful to our God because He is always good to us. Allow me to share with you on the importance of rejoicing, being patient, and praying. These are the things that sustain us in our walk in life. Doing the three things is a Biblical prescription for dealing with issues that affect our lives. It is obeying the Word of the Lord. This article is based on the following portion of scripture written by the Apostle Paul.

  • Pray - How to Start?
    If you are new to this spiritual practice, then doubts about who to pray to and what to say will likely arise. You will probably notice quiet thoughts that come into your head. These can offer stillness, clarity, and hope. But first one needs to learn to listen rather than get confirmation of what one thinks anyway.

  • The Cup Says to the Potter, 'Make Me a Bowl'
    IRONIES herald the enigma of life, that we as a people, routinely look the gift horse in the mouth. The gift in present focus is the gift of life.

  • 3 Sure Ways to Bless the World
    BEING Christian is simpler than we often make it, but the trouble is, so often life gets in the way; what with juggling all the competing priorities, the energy drain handling conflict, and negotiating the unpredictable. Sometimes we need to be reminded how simple faith is. Here are three ways we can bless the world in Jesus' name.

  • What Happens To Your Spirit Guide When Your Body Dies?
    If you have a spirit guide and your body dies, what happens to your spirit guide? Does it, too, die or does it live on? What exactly is a spirit guide?

  • It's Not About Now, It's Never Been About Now
    WONDERING with the psalmist, we add our how longs, and God issues the answer: "It's not about now, it's never been about now." Still, we struggle with how we're to reconcile what is from what has been. Certain injustices, particular untruths propagated, and people seem not only to get away with it, but to prosper. Even as they have harmed us or those we care about or love. No, they don't. "They won't, and they don't" says God.

  • See How Nobody Can Be Against Us
    JUDGMENTS happen against people all the time - against ourselves and others. Character assassination by stealth or active engagement. Every person alive has been hurt. Some hurts are easy to recover from; others, well... let's just say we're working on those. We find it hard not to judge those who transgressed us. Then there are the hurts we are supposed to have inflicted; the ones to provoke another's judgment of us.

  • Near Death Experience Case Histories: What Happens When the Body Dies Part 1 ...
    What happens during a NDE (near death experience)? Countless people have experienced the death of their physical bodies, then come back to life to share the insight from the other side.

  • Rest Our Souls Crave and Deserve
    I don't use the word 'deserve' lightly, but, in the context of the rest, our souls we're designed to find rest in this life, not just in the next. But what is rest? It isn't a lot of things. It isn't laziness, for indeed, the soul rests content having worked out of rest. No soul 'deserves' rest as a demand, but the need of a soul to rest is indisputable.

  • What Christians of the World Wished the World Knew About Christians
    How tragic it is, to fall for the lie that, because we're Christian now, our lives must be perfect. It's like the person who does not want to become Christian because they're not good enough yet.

  • How on Earth Did I Arrive Here?
    NEARLY fourteen years ago it happened for the first time I recall. Sitting in an AA meeting in Safety Bay, south of Perth, with a bunch of people I barely knew but was trying to get to know.

  • Rosicrucianism: The Mystic Secret Society
    Rosicrucianism is the secret mystic society that was formed in the ancient world. It is dedicated to the study of the ancient religious, philosophical, and mystical doctrines. It is concerned with the doctrine's application in today's modern age. There are many traditions that are included and there are variations too. These have been adopted by the rosy cross, which is the symbol. There are many variations and different meanings that depend on the source. The cross is very symbolic too.

  • Be Careful What You Wish for - It Might Come True
    WHEN you wear a T-shirt emblazoned with Jesus: Today, Tomorrow, Forever you can expect reactions. One recent day I got more than I expected. Especially from myself.

  • God's Calling Is Never a Demand
    PROVING a calling placed on our life by God is for the large part irrelevant, but one thing about the call is it's never a demand. God never demands we do anything, even His commands are not demands, for demands place something inconsistent with and untrue upon the character of God.

  • The Mystic Serpent
    Everything we see or perceive is the ultimate residue of some kind of energy. These energies are the derivatives of a single crude form of energy, also known as primordial energy. This primordial energy is known as "Adi Shakti" or "Adya Shakti" in Indian philosophy, especially in Tantra. When the "Shakti" goes into the manifestation, she begins that with the creative process which eventually shapes itself from the subtler forms to even denser manifestation to grosser forms. The Shakti exists in its limitless expansive state in the crown chakra. This place is the most transcendent, beyond the mind, beyond names and its corresponding forms. The goal of human life is to understand these false projections and strive to uncoil the sleeping energy so that it rises again to the Sahasrara and we attain the unified state once again. Then only we shall realize our true potential and identity.

  • 3 Secrets About Tantra
    Tantra is an age-old practice of spirituality which has the same or even greater potential to attain ultimate liberation when compared to other traits, for example, Vedantic concepts of Brahman and Maya, Variranga Sadhana or Vedic yajnas and oblations etc. Still, there are a lot of misconceptions about this wonderful system of the spiritual process. Tantra embraces all with a well-defined segregation on the basis of eligibility so that everybody can walk on the path of spirituality without being left out on the basis of literacy, caste, intellectual development and other classifications. Vedanta is tough to grasp and demands a keen and analytical intellect. Variranga sadhana requires a lot of methodical approaches which is difficult for a common man to execute. Tantra, on the other hand, moves with a scientific and sociological way so that it can prescribe or rather set definite methods for everybody. Tantra is a gift from the Adi Yogi, who was a true lover of life and a patron of mankind. He understood the necessity of classified methods based on the intellectual maturity and mental bent. Tantra is an easy and fast process to attain salvation. Read the article to know more.

  • Does Past-Life Regression Work?
    Past life recollections are the biography of your everlasting soul and they give insights about your identity now, and why you're here on Earth. It is a restorative procedure that encourages you to review your recollections and encounters from another lifetime that you have once lived. It is outstanding amongst other procedures to support your spirit with past recollections.

  • How Grief Improves Belief
    MAKE disciples. That was Jesus' final command. Our first task, however, is to allow the Holy Spirit to make a disciple of us. Grief is pivotal along that journey.

  • Ouija Board - Harmless Fun or Demonic Connection?
    Anytime a person attempts connection to spirits or paranormal investigation they can experience spiritual attacks. People see this being done on television and it all looks like fun and games. When in reality it is not.

  • Why, As Christians, We Are Doing It Wrong
    Sin is a contagion all through me and all through my lifespan. I myself am a man who daily gets it wrong; the things I think, what I say, how and why and when I do things. Not one day goes past when I don't intentionally or unintentionally get it wrong. I am Christian.

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