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  • What Makes A Good Healer/Therapist?
    I was recently thinking about what factors play a part when it comes to what makes someone a good healer/therapist. During this time, I thought about the kind of people who I had worked with over the years.

  • Moved to Tears and Loving Acts by Witnessing Kindness
    Have you ever been moved to tears by acts of kindness? This happens to me all the time and I've often wondered about it. I recently read an article by Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor, where he wrote about tearing up at watching the Pope's kindness.

  • Forgiveness Is Important
    The other day I was talking to someone who spoke about what a friend of theirs had done in the past and it was clear that they hadn't been able to move on from what had happened. A number of years had passed since that time, but it was as if it had happened the day before.

  • Defending Yourself - How to Use Your Words Instead of Violence
    Starting from your family to your neighborhood, your workplace and even across the world, you have a lot of people to deal with. But if mistrust and disagreements happen, you have to be sane enough not to use violence to teach them a lesson. Instead, by using candid and carefully phrased strict words, you disarm your opponent and show them what material you are actually made of. They will lose their ground and never ever attempt to hurt or attack you again. So how do you make use of non-violence? Look inside to find out.

  • They Were Slowly Killing Themselves
    I recently heard about someone whose health was not in a good way, yet this was not something that had taken place overnight. What hadn't helped was that they had been consuming things that had harmed their body and mind.

  • 3 Ways to Spot an Opportunity
    We need to first address the thinking that has to accompany seeing the opportunity. The solution to what you are asking for lies on a different level then the problem. Therefore, you need to elevate your thinking and therefore the feelings and energy around it. You need to start affirming that the universe will show you the next step and that you are open to receiving it. Receiving is the issue.

  • Every Healer Has Issues
    A little while ago I wrote an article titled, 'My Healing Technique Is The Only One That Works!' Shortly after I had put this article altogether, I started to think about something that I hadn't mentioned.

  • Why Do Some People Only Care About Their Health When They're Nearly Dead?
    What I have thought about recently is why some people only pay attention to their health when they are in a really bad way. It's a bit like only taking a car for a service when the engine is close to exploding.

  • How to Learn to Love Yourself More
    Our inner critic is there always to demean and criticize us. Therefore, we have negative chatter in our minds. Replace these negative thoughts in your mind with positive empowering ones and you will skyrocket to higher levels. This article focuses on how to love yourself more. Look inside to find out.

  • If We Only Focus On What People Have Achieved, We Will Overlook What They Hav...
    At the beginning of last year, I shared a quote about how someone can overlook what another person has overcome if they only focus on what they have achieved. The main reason I had created this quote was due to how people had responded to me, when I went into what I did in the past. After I left school I didn't have a clear plan, and a few years after I left, I ended up getting into self-development.

  • Is Our Life Defined By Ancestral Trauma?
    A number of years ago, a few articles were written about how trauma from slavery and the holocaust can be passed down. What this means, then, is that it doesn't matter how many years have passed since these things took place, as what happened can have an effect on their descendents.

  • How to Teach Yourself to Be More Independent
    Too many a time, you hit low times when you crave for someone to depend on. While it is okay to have someone for support, you should grow from the situation, rely on your intuition and make choices to make your situation much better. This is just one example of how to grow more independent. The article shows several other examples on being more self-sufficient. Look inside to find out.

  • Defense Mechanisms
    Sometimes we don't see or don't want to see the problems we are creating in our own lives. If we admit that we are making bad choices, then we would have to do something about them. Following are some of the ways that we avoid taking responsibility:

  • My Unexpected Social Experiment
    The responses we got varied while we tooted around in our little red corvette. They ranged from excitement, to dirty looks, to confusion. Hmm... what was up with this I wondered?

  • Being Able To Face Pain Is An Important Part Of Developing Self-Awareness
    A little while ago, I was thinking about the role that pain plays when it comes to developing self-awareness and self-knowledge. I thought that if someone experiences pain and ends up reaching out for something to take their pain away, it is going to stop them from looking into why they feel the way that they do.

  • Trauma Separates Us From Our True Essence
    I mediated a few weeks ago and this was something that I hadn't done for a little while. But even though I hadn't done this for a little while, I soon remembered how beneficial it was to mediate.

  • How to Tell Someone They Are Hurting Your Feelings
    Do you often get hurt by what people say? Don't suffer in silence. Let them know gently and tactfully that they are hurting your feelings. How do you do that? Look inside to find out.

  • You Were Sent Here For A Reason
    Yesterday a friend of mine called Ian Baillie gave a talk nearby, and this was about "Surviving and Thriving on Post-2012 Earth". Along with this, he also went into a number of people who he knew and the lives that they had had in the past.

  • How to Cope With Failure in an Examination
    The purpose of this article is to let you know that failing one examination, or even two, cannot, and should not be the end of the road for your life. I will show you a number of steps to take in order to prepare to bounce back and achieve your life goals.

  • Self-Care Like Computers Do Maintenance
    It seems that we are constantly being reminded to practice self-care. Eating nutritionally, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly are common messages that we have all heard repeatedly. But there is more to self-care than just these three things.

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