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Adam Curry: Aviation
Aviation News
  • Hendrick plane did not climb before crash

    NTSB: "Pilots of at least 20 other planes, most carrying sponsors and race fans, decided it was too dangerous to land at Blue Ridge Airport at the time and instead touched down at Danville Regional Airport, where landing in bad weather is easier."

  • get down, err, up!
    Witchita Eagle: "Disco and airplanes -- what more could you ask for?"

  • fear of flying
    Les Posen: "So why do a weblog about Fear of Flying?"

  • EasyJet shares dive after profits warning
    A great aviation story headline. Unfortunately for the company it isn't pretty. Fuel prices will cut into their bottom line severly. You know if the budget guys are hurting, the end must be near for the mega carriers.

  • murphy strikes
    BBC: "Massive air disruption across UK"

  • chopper4 crash
    Watching this video of New York's wnbc newschopper4 crash gives me the willies. As a licensed helicopter pilot I immediately realized this is a case of loss of tailrotor effectiveness [LTE]. Pilots call this a 'day wrecker'.

    Considering he was flying over densely populated Flatbush NY, I think the pilot made several life-saving decisions.

  • jumbolair
    John Travolta's new pad is the airman's dream!

  • qotd october 16
    Tom Stoppard: "If Beethoven had been killed in a plane crash at the age of 22, it would have changed the history of music... and of aviation."

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