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Green building materials and green home design

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  • What Is the LEED Professional Credential and How You Can Get It
    While the majority of attention around LEED is rightly focused around the LEED building certifications: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; there are seven professional credentials that you can earn that will help you distinguish yourself and highlight your knowledge of the LEED green building process?

  • Types of Moss to Use in a Moss Lawn or Moss Garden
    A comparison of some of the most common types of moss (hypnum or fern moss, cushion moss, rock cap moss, and stone moss) to use when replacing a lawn or using moss to fill in a garden walkway.

  • Chicago Prepares for Major Climate Change: City
    The New York Times reports that Chicago has undertaken major structural projects to prepare for anticipated climate change that will make the city‚??s climate resemble New Orleans or Baton Rouge‚??s within the next 50 -100, all due to climate change?

  • Bamboo Living: Green, Modular, PreFab Bamboo Homes at Modest Prices
    Bamboo Living takes the green and economical features of bamboo and combines it with the efficiency of modular home building techniques to create a very compelling home-building alternative. Bamboo offers some unique advantages over traditional softwood timber homes and is especially suited to the unique climates of the tropics (these homes are designed for Hawaiian styles and climate)...

  • Growing a Xeriscape Herb Garden in a Dry Climate
    When most people think of xeriscape landscaping and gardening they think of the Southwest and specifically, they think about replacing a grass lawn with native plants and succulents.  But xeriscape gardening can also apply to tree landscaping, flower gardens, and herb and vegetable gardens. Let

  • Front Loading Washers vs. Top Loading Washers: Battle Royale
    We all want to be green these days. Helping to preserve the environment has become a top priority in the lives of many people. Becoming environmentally conscious can give you both peace of mind and extra money in the bank. It‚??s become quite well known that conserving energy and saving money go hand in hand; most environmentally aware changes that we make also result in reduced energy bills.

  • Why Moss is Greener than Grass: Replace Your Lawn with Moss
    Most people love the look of a rich, green lawn. Imagine looking out your front window and seeing that beautiful deep green color, and then going outside and feeling the soft lushness beneath your bare feet. Because many people harbor this little fantasy, a green lawn is one of the most important selling points in a home. Unfortunately having a green lawn can be quite expensive, time consuming to maintain, and put a lot of stress on the environment. Fortunately, there is a better alternative out there: replacing your grass with moss?

  • How Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs Work
    Compact fluorescent bulbs have made a huge impact on the environment. They have saved a countless amount of money and make it easy for people to become involved in protecting our environment. Compact fluorescent bulbs have been a real money saver for families and now account for a huge amount of energy savings on power bills. While fluorescent lighting has been around for years, compact fluorescent light bulbs have only just recently come on the scene. They offer many advantages over traditional incandescent lighting and have had a great surge in popularity.

  • Harvesting Rainwater from the Sky: All About Rooftop Rainwater Collection
    Water is a scarce commodity. We are slowly depleting our underground aquifers, and global warming is affecting the surface bodies of water that we use for our water supplies. As it becomes more scarce, the importance of saving water is becoming ever more essential to the earth?s survival.  While there are many ways we can save our water, there is a way to increase our water supply for free?by collecting rainwater from roofs and using it for some of our household needs?

  • Non-Toxic Paint: A Smart Environmental Alternative
    There is no doubt that a fresh coat of paint brightens up a lot of things, and your walls are no exception. Whether you live in an apartment or house or condo, your walls will definitely benefit from the TLC that a new paintjob can bring. One of the unfortunate downsides of a fresh coat of paint is the noxious odor and harmful compounds in traditional paints.

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