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“Feed Stomper Can Help You Add
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Here is your chance to make lots of money from
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big and small companies.

Have you wondered, just like me, about simple and quick ways to put the large number of RSS feeds available on the Internet to put 1000s of content filled pages on your web site? Search engines just love sites that have static content pages and reward them generously with high ranks. You can make lots of money from Adsense ads and affiliate links on these pages.

If your search for an easy solution to this has produced no results till now, relax. 

Introducing Feed Stomper

Just give Feed Stomper a template page with the look and feel of your web site and address of an RSS feed and watch in amazement, how it create 1000s of static pages that contain information from the feed in next to no time, on full auto-pilot. Once you publish these pages, search engines will just gobble up these pages and soon you will find these pages have started appear on top of the search engine listings. 

As the surfers visit these pages, they may choose to click on your Adsense ads (click-ka-ching, can you hear the sound of money being credited to your account?) or better still, they may visit your affiliate links and buy stuff that will drop bigger sums of money into your account.

Are you still reading? Why not check out feed stomper right away and start planning which RSS feeds you want to exploit first?

To your success...

Arun Agrawal

P.S. Feed stomper uses RSS feeds that are offered to the public for free use and you are not stealing anybody's content. You can choose to wait while others make money or get the first mover advantage by checking out feed stomper.

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