Announcing Collaboration of EIRC-ICAI with CTRACKER

An exciting news has unfolded for those immersed in the world of accounting and finance! A strategic collaboration has been formed between Ebizindia, developers of CTRACKER and the Eastern India Regional Committee (EIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). This collaboration brings CTRACKER’s innovative Compliance Tracking Software to EIRC members at an exclusive, discounted rate.

A Shared Mission

This collaboration is rooted in a shared mission: to make the complex world of compliance as simple as possible. For Chartered Accountants, navigating through the myriad of regulations can be daunting. CTRACKER is designed to lighten this load, making compliance an easier, more manageable part of one’s professional routine.

The Essence of CTRACKER

CTRACKER is not merely a tool; it’s a software solution tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by Chartered Accountants daily. Here’s how CTRACKER makes a difference:

Streamlining Compliance

CTRACKER simplifies the process of tracking and managing compliance tasks. With its intuitive interface, one can easily keep track of deadlines and stay on top of regulatory requirements, thereby mitigating the risk of missing crucial deadlines.

Customized Alerts

Staying ahead of compliance deadlines is crucial. CTRACKER’s customizable alerts ensure you’re always informed about upcoming deadlines, facilitating a proactive approach to compliance management. You can set up multiple alerts at predefined intervals.

Facilitating Team Collaboration

Compliance often requires teamwork. CTRACKER’s features support a collaborative environment, enabling unlimited team members to work together seamlessly, irrespective of their physical location. This becomes easy because the software is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using a desktop or a mobile phone.

Benefits for Chartered Accountants

CTRACKER is more than a compliance tracking tool; it’s a partner in the journey towards excellence in compliance management. Here are some advantages for Chartered Accountants:

Boosted Productivity

By automating routine tasks, CTRACKER allows Chartered Accountants to focus on more critical aspects of their practice, enhancing overall productivity.

Strengthened Client Relationships

Efficient and effective compliance management builds trust with clients, fostering stronger professional relationships and client satisfaction.

Reduced Compliance Risks

With CTRACKER’s comprehensive tracking and reminders, the risk of overlooking a compliance deadline heavily diminishes, protecting businesses from potential penalties.


As a practice grows, so do its demands. CTRACKER scales to meet these increasing needs without compromising on performance or reliability. One can track compliances for an unlimited number of client companies.

Moving Forward

The collaboration between CTRACKER and EIRC of ICAI is a step forward in the commitment to enhancing the professional lives of Chartered Accountants. It represents a move towards a future where technology simplifies compliance, allowing professionals to focus on growth and excellence.

This initiative is set to significantly impact EIRC members and the wider accounting community, heralding a new era of compliance management. It’s an exciting time to see how this compliance tracking software can transform the compliance landscape for Chartered Accountants, making their daily tasks more manageable and less time-consuming.

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