Site Build It Integrates RSS Feeds With Every Site

Site Build It guys understand the importance of RSS feeds as an inexpensive medium to promote one’s site as well as to disseminate the information through a barrier-proof medium (RSS is pull technology as compared to email which is push technology and prone to several levels of filtering).

They have been offering a comprehensive guide on using RSS to your advantage for quite some time. They have taken it one step further. Now every site built with Site Build It will have an RSS feed published automatically – no extra cost, no extra effort.

Dr. Ken Evoy mentioned – “I believe that business owners should be able to leverage the power of Internet to further their businesses without having to dabble with technology. Our auto RSS feed is another step with the same philosophy in mind”.

Sidenote: SBI started as a simple system which took care of domain names, web hosting and interactive web design through a simple interface. However it now offers extensive web promotion and web site maintenance facilities. Their brainstorming module has to be seen to be believed.

The funny part is that the cost has not increased at all while the facilities available have grown to more than 10 times the original offering. What a business model! Well, who am I to complain as long as my clients are getting the whole shebang for the cost of hosting alone!